Georgia County Internship Program

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ARCHE and the Association County Commissioners of Georgia have partnered to create a student intern program in county government offices around the state.

The aims of the collaboration are to allow college students a hands-on understanding of the inner workings of county government and first-hand exposure to county careers -- and to contribute to their future as informed citizens and voters.

Counties post internship openings for students at ARCHE member campuses at

Students from almost any major may search for internships in the program, which will continue to add opportunities from additional counties in future semesters. MBA students might conduct financial analyses, journalism majors might write grants and press releases, and future engineers can gain first-hand public works experience. Psychology students could intern in human resources, business majors in purchasing, and PE majors in parks and recreation, for example.

Background: ACCG is an ARCHE Community Partner. An ARCHE working group of career service directors, deans and professors met with ACCG to plan the program.  ARCHE members are now working with ACCG to get the word out about the program.

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