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ARCHE conducts original research and publishes reports that show the scope, impact and value of higher education in the Atlanta region. Bringing together data from area colleges and universities paints a broader picture of the collective enterprise of higher education in the area and its contributions to economic growth, community development and quality of life.

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2016 Innovation Indicators Report Metro Atlanta

2013 Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce's Higher Education Report


Education Empowers: How investing in education pays off for Georgia
Education is a smart investment for Georgians and their state, with payoffs ranging from higher salaries to home ownership to children who tend to do better in school. Benefits to the state include a more talented workforce, higher tax revenues, lower spending for prisons and public assistance, and healthier citizens.

Fast Facts About Atlanta-Area Higher Education
A snapshot of the size, scope and impact of the region’s colleges and universities. Includes number of students, programs, economic impact and other key highlights from ARCHE’s research reports.

The Atlanta Region: National Leader in Higher Education. By any measure, Atlanta ranks as a higher education leader. Key facts from the national statistical profile.

Higher Education in America's Metropolitan Areas: A Statistical Profile
An analysis of U.S. Department of Education data to measure the higher ed capacity of America's 50 largest metro areas in students enrolled, degrees awarded, and college and university finances.

Enriching Georgia: A report on the impact of Atlanta-area college and universities
A $10.8 billion impact on the Georgia economy is only the beginning of how higher education in the Atlanta region helps our state.

Shelter From the Stormy Blast (links offsite)
A disaster recovery plan for libraries, archives and museums. Lists products, services and contact information and provides decision-making advice and specific actions that must be taken when disaster strikes.



Fast Facts on Atlanta-area Higher Education:
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Growing Georgia’s Bioscience Industries: Harnessing the Resources of Higher Education
One-stop source of information on higher ed expertise and services in the biosciences. Includes related degree programs, services such as research centers, service labs, incubators, technology transfer, and recruiting contacts for employees and interns.

Investing in Georgia’s Future: Higher Education Partnerships with Public Schools
Describes higher ed programs and services to support K-12 schools, teachers, administrators and students. Listings include teacher preparation and professional development, tutoring and mentoring, initiatives in specific disciplines and related degree programs.




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